Homemade Quark Recipe

Homemade Quark Recipe – so easy to make!


Homemade Quark Recipe

There are different ways of preparing Homemade Quark. I tried several variations using different  ingredients, but below is the recipe I like best. Quark has a great flavor and consistency. This Homemade Quark Recipe is prepared with milk and buttermilk. It makes about 400g – 450g (14.1oz – 15.87oz) of quark.

Ingredients for Homemade Quark Recipe:

  • 1 l (1.05 qt) of whole milk
  • 500 ml (16.9 oz) of buttermilk (do not use low fat buttermilk)

Ingredient homemade quark recipe

Preparation of Homemade Quark:

Use a Pyrex dish with a glass lid. Pour in the whole milk and mix in the buttermilk. Cover with the lid and let it stand for about two days at room temperature. Preheat the oven to 35°C – 100°F.

Take the lid off the glass dish and place the mixture on the lowest rack of your oven for about two hours. Take it out of the oven. Place a sieve on a bowl large enough for the milk mixture. Line the sieve with a cheesecloth or a kitchen towel (which I prefer) and pour the milk mixture into the sieve (see picture). 

If your oven temperature does not go as low as 35°C – 100°F, place the glass dish with the milk mixture for about two hours in warm water. Use a thermometer to check the temperature. When the water cools down, fill it up with more warm water until the water has reached the recommended temperature again. Sieve the mixture as described above.

 img_7825   img_7829   Making homemade quark recipe

Lift the corners of the cheesecloth or kitchen towel and twist them until you have kind of a sack. Make sure not to press too hard because the quark will come through. Let the quark drain for about two hours. If the quark is too dry, add some of the whey back into it. If it is too wet, let it drain a little longer. You can also add some whipping cream to the finished quark. Your quark is ready to be chilled in the refrigerator.

img_7953   img_7955   img_7959

You can serve the quark in the morning for breakfast. Spread it on your toast and top with your favorite marmalade or jam or add some fruits to it. Add chives and salt to serve it with boiled potatoes. Quark is also great to use it in cheesecakes or Oma’s Vanilla Cheese Pudding dessert.

Homemade quark recipe




  • Paula Dannels

    I have been wondering what this was. This will be my new thing this week! Thanks!!

    • The Oma Way

      Paula, thank you for leaving a comment. I can assure you quark is good, very good. I would like to bring to your attention, that I updated the recipe, adding one more option in case the oven does not go down to 100 Fahrenheit. Yours, Oma

  • Karin McElrath

    Hello, my name is Karin.
    Thank you so much for the home made quark recipe.
    I live in the USA for a long time and never could find Quark.
    I’m so happy you posted this. Now I can finally make my Mothers Cheesecake.

    • The Oma Way

      Karin thank you so much for your nice comment. There are many different ways and combination of making quark. I tried several out, but like this version the best. Yours, Oma

  • Ute

    For how long will it be good and how much % has your quark ? For example, 40 % Sahnequark and 10% Magerquark.

    • The Oma Way

      Ute, you could keep the homemade quark for 2-3 days in the refrigerator. If you use whole milk the quark has about 40 %. If you want Magerquark about 20 %, you can use the 2% milk. When I make quark, it never last for more than one day, because it is either used for baking or we eat it immediately.

      • Ute

        Thank you

  • Rosa

    Do I need to buy organic milk/buttermilk or is regular ok?

    • The Oma Way

      Rosa, regular buttermilk is fine as long as it is not a low fat buttermilk.

  • Crystal D

    This will be one of my next projects! Thank you for posting!

    • The Oma Way

      Crystal D it is worth a try. Yours, Oma

      • Crystal D

        I just need to think of something that requires quark! I think a true German cheesecake, a Käsekuchen!

        • The Oma Way

          Crystal D, I also use this homemade quark mixed with bananas or strawberries or both, some lemon juice, some sugar and of course some whipped cream. Such an easy dessert and always welcome in my house.

          • Crystal D

            I am sure I can find plenty of uses for it! I just need to find a proper glass container to use!

          • The Oma Way

            Crystal, a simple pyrex glass bowl with a lid is just fine.