German Mardi Gras Music

The ultimate Playlist for German Mardi Gras Music. 44 German Carnival Songs to get you moving.

German Mardi Gras Music

Can you hear it? The German Mardi Gras Music picked by Oma? That joyous, upbeat sound. It’s called carnival music (karnevalsmusik) translated to  and it’s essential for any Mardi Gras celebration. In Germany, we call this time Fasching or Fassenacht, and the peak starts the Thursday before Ash Wednesday (February 4) and lasts until Fat Tuesday (February 9) at midnight. Whether you’re at work, at home, or in the car, the loud and infectious music is inescapable. In the streets, people lineup on the sidewalks to watch the hour-long parades that come through town. Young and old clap enthusiastically to the rhythm of the typical marches—smiling and waving back at the parade participants. It’s truly a fun time for all.

Whether you call it Mardi Gras, Fasching or Fassnacht, carnival or karnival, German Mardi gras music plays such an important part in bringing people together. They gather to sing, dance, and sway to the new hits and the traditional favorites. Some are considered folk music (Volksmusik), others are called marches. One thing they all have in common is the ability to get you in the right mood. It’s happy music, so give it a listen. And let’s party!

Below you’ll find a great collection of German Mardi gras music for your Mardi Gras (Fasching) celebration. It’s a 44-song playlist that spans generations and offers a variety of styles. Simply click the titles to listen to samples, and if you wish, purchase.

Enjoy, Oma



# Song Artist Album
1 Mainzer Narhalla Marsch   Ernst Neger und Hofkapelle des M.C.V. Mainz Mainzer Narhalla Marsch
2 Am Rosenmontag bin ich geboren   Renata Rondin Karneval Party Hits
3 Mir Schenke der Ahl e Paar Bloemcher   Lotti Krekel  Mir schenke der Ahl e paar
4 Da steht ein Pferd auf dem Flur Klaus & Klaus 25 Jahre Klaus & Klaus
5 Gib Acht auf den Jahrgang Heino Gib acht auf den Jahrgang
6  Ententanz Frank Zander Ja wenn wir alle Engeln wären
7  Es gibt kein Bier auf Hawai   Paul Kuhn Schlager und Stars
8  Ui-ui-ui, Au-au-au     Weiltaler Hessenland
9 Ich hab den Vater Rhein in seinem Bett gesehn Rheinlandchor Am Rhein Beim Wein
10 Ich kauf mir lieber einen Tiroler Hut Billy Mo Deutsche Schlager
11 Herbert   Gottlieb Wendehals Gassenhauer: Stimmungskiste Folge 1
12 Schnaps das war sein letztes Wort Willy Millowitsch Schnaps das war sein letztes
13 Denn wenn et Troemmelche jeht     Die Räuber Wenn et Troemmelche jeht
14 Rut sin de Ruse De Boore Rut sin de Ruse
15 Ne Besuch Em Zoo Lotti Krekel & Willy Millowitsch Ne Besuch im Zoo
16 Der Eiermann Klaus & Klaus Stimmung Volume 1
17 Der treue Husar   Willy Millowitsch Das Koelner Dreigestirn
18 Wir kommen alle, alle in den Himmel   Jupp Schmitz J. Schmitz: Karneval wie
19 Geb’ dem Kind sein Nuddelche Ernst Neger Die grossen Erfolge
20 Polonaese Blankenese   Gottlieb Wendehals Polonaese Blankenese
21 Wer Soll Das Bezahlen?   Jupp Schmitz J. Schmitz: Karneval wie Anno
22 Heile, heile Gaensje Ernst Neger & Die Hofkapelle des M.C.V. Mainzer Narhalla-Marsch/Heile,Heile….
23 Du, du liegst mir im Herzen Lustige Musikanten & Die Bavarian Singers Oktoberfest – The German Beer
24 So ein Tag, so wunderschön wie heute Die Mainzer Hofsänger Mega 50 – Die 60er Jahre
25 Marmor, Stein und Eisen bricht Drafi Deutscher Marmor, Stein und Eisen bricht
26 Der schönste Platz ist immer an der Theke Steingass-Terzett Karneval Anno Dazumal:
27 Skandal im Sperrbezirk   Spider Murphy Gang 30 Jahre Rock’N’Roll
28 Et Spanien-Leed Blaeck Fooss Bei uns Doheim
29 Wahnsinn (Hoelle, Hoelle, Hoelle) Lollies Hoelle, Hoelle, Hoelle – Das
30 Wir Sind Alle Kleine Suenderlein Willy Millowitsch Wir Sind Alle Kleine
31 Jetzt Trink’ Ma Noch A Flasche Wein Karl Moik Bei uns daheim
32 Rucki Zucki Ernst Neger Die grossen Erfolge
33  Es Ist Noch Suppe Da Jupp Schmitz Karneval Party Hits CD1
34 Wir machen durch bis morgen früh De Koelsche Jecke Karneval am Rhein
35 Kornblumenblau Willy Schneider Die schoensten Schlager
36 He Amigo Spell   Koelsche Adler Wir sind wieder da
37 Pizza Wundaba Hoehner Fuer Dich/Guck’Mal
38 Humpta Taetaerae   Ernst Neger Die grosse Stimmungsparade
39 Trink mer noch e Troeppche Die Frankfurter Schoppe Blaeser Das Frankfurter Herz
40 An der Nordseeküste Klaus & Klaus 25 Jahre Klaus & Klaus
41 Trink, Trink Bruederlein Trink Die Monacos Als der Schlager laufen
42 Schnaps das war sein letztes Wort Matty Valentino Ballermann Stars – Die
43 Es wird Nacht, Seniorita   Udo Jürgens Die grossen Erfolge
44 Am Aschermittwoch ist alles vorbei Karneval Karneval Megaparty 2010
Oktoberfest party Guide, Food, Beer, Music

The ultimate guide to hosting a real German Oktoberfest party in your backyard.

Oktoberfest Party Guide!

Think Oktoberfest is all about beer? Think again. Just as important as those amazing Bavarian lagers are the authentic Oktoberfest dishes that make every Oktoberfest party so special. With good food and good drinks, come good times. And you’ll find everything you need to host a successful Oktoberfest beer garden festival in this quick Oktoberfest party guide! The best traditional recipes. The top-ten beers. And the greatest Oktoberfest playlist ever. It’s all here in this Oktoberfest  party guide. So, let’s get the party started!

Please scroll down to find all recipes, drinks and music

Oktoberfest Party Guide Decoration

What started in Munich 182 years ago, has spread across the world and is more popular today than ever. Traditionally, Oktoberfest starts in September and last until the beginning of October. The most famous Oktoberfest festival is in Munich at the Wiesn. Let’s recreate the magic of this fun-filled German beer fest celebration in a way that would make King Ludwig l proud.

Welcome your guests by decorating your home in blue and white—the traditional colors of the state of Bavaria. You can theme your surroundings with these Oktoberfest party suppliesincluding banners, table cloth, cups, napkins, and more. Keep your fine china in the cabinets and use simple and rustic seating and place settings. If the weather is accommodating, host your private beer festival outside in the garden. Maybe rent a tent for the backyard. Look for a picnic area, perhaps. Or, take it to the streets and get the whole neighborhood together for an Oktoberfest block party.

Most importantly, keep the Oktoberfest beer cold and music going. And don’t forget to launch the opening of your party with the officialO zapft iscry—which refers to tapping of the first beer keg.

I wish you a wonderful Oktoberfest party with family and friends. And as always, let me know how it goes!




Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 10.48.47 PM

Click the links for Oma’s recipes!


Emmenthaler with Salt and Pepper

photo copy 10

Obatzda (spiced chess-butter-spread)

Obatzda Cheese Butter Spread


Typical Oktoberfest recipes that brings everyone to the table. So good. So flavorful. So German!

Pork Roast with Gravy

German Pork Roast Recipe


August 2014 014


Frikadellen – German Meatball Patties



There’s plenty of room on that plate. Complement your main dish with some of these old fashioned homemade side dishes.

Soft Pretzel

Homemade Pretzels

Mashed Potatoes

IMG_5989 (1)


German Coleslaw Recipe

German Potato Salad

German Potato Salad


It’s not the end of the party – just the end of the course. A variety of apple cakes to choose from. Change the plate, go back to the table and load it up with one of the apple desserts to give your meal a satisfying finish.

Apple Cake with Vanilla Sauce

IMG_4582-1030x686photo copy

Sunken Apple Cake

photo copy 7

Apple Streusel Cake

photo 13

Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 10.49.20 PM


You don’t have to travel all the way to Munich to find a brewery that pairs well with your Oktoberfest celebration.

Here are Oma’s Top 10 Oktoberfest Beers.

Oktoberfest Party Guide Beer

Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 10.49.45 PM


No Oktoberfest Party is complete without the perfect soundtrack. From traditional to modern, folk to country, this 35-track German Oktoberfest playlist will get swaying and raising the glasses. Best of all, each track is linked to listen in. If you like it, you can download. Let’s celebrate! Just hit play.

Oktoberfest Party Guide Music