Children are our future. Children’s books and arts & crafts.

Children are our Future

Oma introduces books for children as well as giving instruction for arts&crafts projects. She provides baking recipes for birthdays and shares her childhood memories. Some of the books she listed are translated in German and English. Oma also provides the information about the titles and how to get the translations. It is important to support both languages in a bilingual home. The selection of books include the classics like the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm as well as how the Rainbow Fish came to his colors. In addition you will find stories to share in connection with Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving. Of course does Oma’s reading list as well include stories about nature and much more. What is a better way to share time with your children or grandchildren than sharing a story?

The Tales of Peter Rabbit can be found in both languages as well. Do you want to find out more about Oma’s collection of Peter Rabbit themed products and how to get them click here.

You will also find tips for making the first day of school for your child memorable. Oma shares with you some of her favorite treats for children, like the Schultüte/Zuckertüte a school cone. You will find the instruction to build your own school cone as well as invitations for the First Day in School. Add the homemade school pretzel to it and you are all set up for the First Day at School.

Christmas is always a magical time with children. Teach them how to make their own advent calendar to count the days down until Christmas.

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