German Soup Recipes

German Soup Recipes

German soup recipes are basic in homemade cooking. Some soups are easy to prepare and light, and others are more work intense. One thing the German soups have in common is, they are all delicious. Learn how to make Oma’s recipes and when to serve what soup. Some soups are the appetizer and served before the main dish, and others offered as a main dish like the split pea soup. Some recipes prepared with meat like the goulash soup and others are without meat like the pumpkin soup.

Step-by-step instructions make it easy to learn how to prepare a soup. Pictures show how to clean, cut and cook the ingredients. The cooking and preparation time of the soups can vary. A tomato soup takes about 45 minutes whereas a beef soup takes about 3 hours.

German Beef Soup Recipe

German Beef Soup Recipe with Bone Marrow Dumplings

German Beef Soup Recipe A German Beef Soup Recipe with Bone Marrow Dumplings. This Homemade Beef Soup is called Rindfleischsuppe. The Bone Marrow Dumplings are called Markklöβchen. Ingredients for broth for German Beef Soup Recipe: 4 l (1 gal) of water 2270 g (5 lb.) brisket first or mid cut 400 g (14 oz) of leeks […]

German Potato Soup

German Potato Soup Recipe – Kartoffelsuppe

German Potato Soup This German Potato Soup is called Kartoffelsuppe in Germany. Serve the Potato Soup with Frankfurters or Winers and a slice of bread. The recipe serves about 6 – 8 people.  Ingredients for German Potato Soup: 1 kg (2.2 lbs) of potatoes 250 g (8.8 oz) of carrots 500 g (1.1 lb) of […]

Homemade Goulash Soup

Homemade Goulash Soup Recipe with Venison, Beef or a mix of Beef with Pork

Homemade Goulash Soup This homemade Goulash Soup is called Gulaschsuppe in Germany. For this goulash soup you can use venison, beef or beef and pork mixed. If you use venison, the meat cubes should be marinated as described below. Beef and a mix of beef with pork does not need to be marinated. Ingredients for […]

Traditional German Lentil Soup

Traditional German Lentil Soup — A classic Homemade Soup

Traditional German Lentil Soup This traditional German Lentil Soup is called Linsensuppe in Germany. In Germany, there is a saying that goes: “Serving lentil soup on New Year’s Eve will ensure you don’t run out of pennies in the coming year.” Therefore, it is traditionally served in many regions on New Year’s Eve to promote good […]

Homemade Tomato Soup

Homemade Tomato Soup so easy to prepare from scratch.

Homemade Tomato Soup A Homemade Tomato Soup is called Tomatensuppe in Germany. Ingredients for Homemade Tomato Soup: 2500 g (5.5 lbs) of very ripe tomatoes 400 g (14 oz) of onion 4–5 cloves of garlic 2 red peppers 150 g (5 oz) of bacon 4–5 teaspoons of salt 1 teaspoon of paprika 3 tablespoons of […]

Split Pea Soup

Split Pea Soup, a traditional simple meal in Germany

Split Pea Soup Split Pea Soup is called Erbsensuppe in Germany. This recipe serves about 8 people. Ingredients for Split Pea Soup: 454 g (1 lb) of dried split green peas 90 g (3.17 oz) of diced celery knobs 700 g (1.54 lb) of peeled and diced potatoes (I used Yukon gold) 300 g (10.5 […]

Midnight Soup Recipe

Midnight Soup Recipe – one of the many traditional German Recipes for New Year’s Eve

Midnight Soup Recipe This Midnight Soup Recipe is easy to prepare. Midnight Soup is called Mitternachtssuppe in Germany. The Midnight Soup is a very popular dish on New Year’s Eve for several reasons. First, it is easy to prepare and store in the freezer long before the big event. Secondly, it is spicy which is […]

Butternut Squash Soup

Butternut Squash Soup with Carrots and Potatoes

Butternut Squash Soup This butternut squash soup with carrots and potatoes is easy to prepare and a great appetizer for Thanksgiving. Ingredients: 1200 g (2.64 pounds) of butternut squash 400 g (14.1 ounces) of potatoes 2 large carrots 2 medium-size onions 2 chicken bouillon cubes 500 ml (16.9 ounces) of water 2 tablespoons of sugar […]