Main Dishes

Oma provides recipes for traditional and authentic homemade German main dishes. The Beef Rouladen, Sauerbraten, Meat Loaf, Bratwurst, Cabbage Rolls, Jaegerschnitzel, and Pork Roast are a few of the well-known favorites.

German Main Dishes Recipes

How to create a complete meal

German main dishes are served after the appetizers and before desserts. They might consist of grilled, roasted or boiled meat, poultry, fish or sausages combined with side dishes like potatoes, dumplings, pasta, salads, and vegetables.

Learning step-by-step to prepare and serve the German Main Dishes

Oma shows in a step-by-step instruction on how to prepare German main dishes and recommendations of side dishes to complete a meal. The hearty soups can be a main dish as much as a meat roast or fish. The basics of the main dishes are easy to learn and easy to understand. They give a lot of options to combine with different side dishes to create a variety of meals.

The salad is usually part of the main course and served with it and not before. Pick the right side dishes, and you can create a perfect homemade meal for your family and guests. After all, if everybody “finished the plate, the sun will shine,” a saying in Germany. Besides, you might get a delicious dessert, which you only can have, if you finished up the food on your plate.

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