Fantastic Winter Shots

Over the past few years, I was able to take these fantastic winter shots from around my home. The pictures show different winter weather conditions, different surroundings, birds, and wildlife.

Fantastic Winter Shots

The many faces of winter

The winter shows a variety of conditions. Changes in temperature and changes in light. Temperatures around and below freezing point are not unusual. Fog, blue skies and bright sunshine are as possible as a day not even seeing the light. Occasional showers of icy rain or different levels of falling snow can make it hard leaving home.

Birds and Wildlife

I always make sure to have plenty of bird food stocked up before the winter starts. Filling the bird feeders ensures, that I can take beautiful pictures of my guests. I am fortunate to live in an area that allows me to take these fantastic winter shots from my front porch, deck, garden or through the windows.

The images displayed of the fantastic winter shots are trying to reflect the atmosphere during winter time. The gallery ends with a picture of snowdrops, the first sign that spring is just around the corner.

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