German Markets Fairs Festivals

German Markets Fairs Festivals: A picture gallery of weekly, yearly, and seasonal German Farmer’s Markets, Fairs, and Festivals.

German Markets Fairs Festivals

Through this picture gallery, I would like to give you an impression of the various markets in Germany. The farmer’s markets are weekly, and in some towns daily, the fairs are a yearly event, and the festivals depend on the seasonal produce like the wine fest or Oktoberfest. The right to hold the markets dates back to the middle ages and was granted by the government of a city or a town. Markets are held regardless the weather rain or shine.

The farmers, traders, merchants and private people offer their products. They sell their products either from a booth or under the roof of a tent. Markets are held on exhibitions sites, sports fields, at designated areas in the outskirts of a town, or in the center of a town or just along the streets.

At the markets fruits, vegetables, and flowers offered are homegrown and usually originates in the region. Traditional handmade products of pottery, wicker, leather, wood, metal, dried flowers, brooms, brushes, and knives add to the variety of articles for sale.

No market in Germany would, of course, have existed without a cold beer or Apple Wine to quench the thirst and a bratwurst, spit roast, or a piece of meat from a large swivel grill, to satisfy the hunger. The people are sitting on simple foldable table sets or Bistro chairs in the streets, in tents, wine taverns, Strassenrestaurants (Street Restaurants) and beer gardens. 

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