Best Perennial Garden Flowers – My Garden Your Paradise

The Best Perennial Garden Flowers in Oma’s Garden. This photo gallery shows blooming bushes, trees, flowers, and roses as you may know them from Germany. The first flowers that bloom already in February/March are the snowdrops followed by the crocus. The last images show the American Beautyberry and Ornamental Grass. The names of the perennials are in English and German.

Best Perennial Garden Flowers

When to plant the Best Perennial Garden Flowers and what to plant

The best time to plant is spring or fall. I have chosen plants to ensure I have always something blooming in the garden at all times, starting late in winter and blooming until the frost or till October. In between the flowers, I planted ornamental grasses, evergreen bushes, and berries. The berry bushes are not only decorative but also provide fruits. I love the combination of beauty and eatable produce.

What colors to choose for your Best Perennial Garden Flowers

The choice of colors for your perennials depends on your personal taste. Perennials are available in different shades of white, yellow, orange, pink, red, blue, purple, and a combination of these colors.

In the images you will see a variety of flowers and bushes with a variety of colors. I wanted to show you examples of plants and how they look in combination with other plants and flowers. When necessary, I fill the gaps with annuals.

I hope, you enjoy looking through the pictures of My Garden, Your Paradise.

Yours, Oma