July 4th Independence Day


It is certainly a reason to celebrate July 4th Independence Day. Maybe you decorate in the colors red, white and blue. Since it is summer, take the time for grilling or have a barbecue in your backyard. Oma provides you with authentic original recipes of marinated meat, poultry, and fish. Place the food either on a gas grill or charcoal grill to finish. Furthermore, Oma gives you a variety of recipes of vegetable, side dishes and tasty appetizer. You probably had not yet a German-style hamburger, a bratwurst soaked in beer, or grilled fish with lavender. In addition, a melon salad and some herb butter make your cookout complete. This homemade food is easy to prepare but most of all a treat for your guests. Grab a cold drink while waiting for your goodies on the fire to be finally done. Spice it up with a sauce you like and your July 4th party will be a success.

End your July 4th Independence Day celebrations going to the fireworks close by. Or just sit around a fire or fire pit table roasting some marshmallows for crackers.

July 4th Barbecue