Traditional German Sunday and Authentic German Recipes

German Traditional Sunday! Great food and a greater sense of community

German Traditional Sunday As I look back at my life, growing up in a small town in Germany, I’m reminded how important the German traditional Sunday was in bringing the community and families together. The atmosphere; that special feeling of warmth, joy, and togetherness; was only outdone by the magic of the Christmas and Easter […]

German Wedding Traditions

German Wedding Traditions – getting married in Germany and how to celebrate

German Wedding Traditions German Wedding Traditions and how to celebrate in three steps. It starts with the Polterabend followed by the legal ceremony at the city hall, Standesamt. The church wedding is the final celebration and highlight. The sequence of the festivities are flexible, and the traditions vary depending on regions. German Traditions – The […]

German Schlager Volume Three

German Schlager Volume Three of the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s

By the end of the ’70s, early ’80s, musicians experimented with the music while…

German Schlager Music of the 50s and 60s

German Schlager Music of the ’50s and ’60s

The catchy music accompanies lyrics about happy-go-lucky life and love…

Open Letter to the Oma Community

Open Letter to the Oma Community

Open Letter to the Oma Community Dear Loyal Followers and Community, I want to inform you about the new ideas of this blog using this open letter to the Oma community. As many of you know, I started the blog The Oma Way five years ago with the intent initially to pursue it as a […]

German Karneval Mardi Gras

German Karneval Mardi Gras

German Karneval Mardi Gras. The food, the fun, the Fasching! Helau and Alaaf! When the German Karneval Mardi Gras season starts German Karneval Mardi Gras or Carnival (Karneval) goes by a lot of different names: Fasching, Fastnacht, and Fassenacht. But it all means one thing… fun! Germans consider this time “the fifth season” of the […]

Traditional German Christmas Cookies

Traditional German Christmas Cookies Recipes

Traditional German Christmas Cookies The Traditional German Christmas Cookies are offering a large selection of recipes, and all with quite a story. Some cookies are easier to prepare than others. Butter, eggs, flour, sugar, spices, and a variety of nuts are basic ingredients. The baking goods have a few things in common which are the […]

German American Heritage Museum Bakeoff

German American Heritage Museum Bakeoff

German American Heritage Museum On the 27th of April 2019, the German American Heritage Museum in Washington D.C. hosted a bake competition. All those interested in showing off their baking skills were invited. I was delighted to be asked to be one of the judges. A bit nervous, I arrived with my oldest son Martin and […]

German Children's Songs

German Children’s Songs

German Children’s Songs –  Traditional Kinderlieder German Children’s Songs are an essential part in growing up in Germany. The first songs are lullabies for the babies, followed by the play-along songs in preschool and kindergarten and continued by the sing-along songs at a later age. Many of the German Children’s Songs are Folk songs which […]