Continental Knitting with Oma

Continental Knitting for Beginners knit purl rib stitch

If you enjoy needlework, you might like continental knitting as well. Oma teaches continental knitting for beginners. First of all she provides information about the needlework. She wants you not only to learn how to knit, but also to understand. She explains in her videos how to start, what materials to use and what knitting tools. The continental method of knitting is speedy and therefore more efficient. In her three videos she demonstrates in a step-by step instruction how to guide the yarn and needles. As you can see this offers the ability to control the tension of the yarn. Furthermore the movements of the hands are less difficult to make knitting a more relaxed, effective, and enjoyable method of knitting.

Continental Knitting!

Learn how to do the knit and purl stitch. Learn how to do the ribbing, rib stitch and enjoy the needlework!

In her first video continental knitting for beginners she shows how to cast on, the edge stitch, the Knit Stitch and also how to bind off. Her second video teaches you the Purl Stitch. In her third video you learn how to combine the knit stitch with the purl stitch to create a pattern also called Rib Stitch or ribbing. In addition Oma shows possibilities how to embellish your work and create fringes.

Knit one - purl one Ribbing and Fringes
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