Winter Knitting Homeless

Knitting for a great cause. Help the homeless this winter.

Winter knitting homeless support

It’s cold outside, brutally cold. From the East Coast to further up north, people are living on the streets—fighting freezing temperatures with almost nothing. Thousands of men, women, and children are without homes and greatly affected by this drastic weather. Some can barely make it to the shelters. What can you do? How can you help? It’s simpler than you think. In addition to dropping off or handing out unwanted coats and jackets, why not knit something from the heart? Meet up with friends and have a knitting party, called winter knitting homeless support. Advanced knitters can create gloves and hats. Even beginners can work on a simple scarf. Here’s how: View Oma’s Step-by-Step Continental Knitting for Beginners Video.

HINT: Using large needles and chunky yarn will help you finish your scarf faster.

If you like, you can leave me a message with a picture of the project you made—by yourself or with your friends—on my website. I’d love to see and share it. Plus, add a note where your heartfelt creation was made. (City, State.)

Please share this link with those who have a passion for knitting—and a compassion for those who are less fortunate.

A little knitting can go a long way. Let’s start a campaign “Winter knitting homeless support”. All it takes is 2 knitting needles and a ball of yarn.

Please go to and stay in touch. If you sign up, you’ll automatically be entered to WIN ONE of THREE GREAT PRIZES—either the hat and scarf set, or one of the knitted scarves handmade by me personally. See below. It’s FREE! No strings (or yarn attached)!

Thank you, Oma

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