Oktoberfest Celebrations

Oktoberfest Celebrations

Oktoberfest is an annually festival starting in September. It has its roots in Germany but is also celebrated each year in the United States. Following customs Oktoberfest Celebrations include traditionally beer, music and food.

Besides of going to a public Oktoberfest you might want to host your own in your backyard. Oma can help with a complete Oktoberfest guide that includes tips for decoration, a list of beer, German song list and traditional recipes to make your party a success.

Decorate in the colors blue and white to create the atmosphere. Pick and choose your favorite beer from the beer list. Prepare traditional food with Oma’s recipes and play German original songs to get you in the mood. Following the ultimate Oktoberfest guide, I can assure you, your guests will love it.

35 Favorite Oktoberfest Songs

35 Favorite Oktoberfest Songs not only in Germany. Listed by Oma!

35 Favorite Oktoberfest Songs! These 35 favorite Oktoberfest…