Oma’s Halloween Traditions

Oma's Halloween Traditions

Oma’s Halloween Traditions started in the year of 1989. Even though Halloween is typically a US tradition. It does coincide with “All Saints Day” in Germany. Many of the celebrations and traditions are similar, too.  Halloween became a fun time for both our children and the parents. Over time we have learned to make fun costumes and how to have entertaining parties.

The neighbors in our community all got together to give out treats to the children. I prepared Oma’s split pea soup and All Saints Braid a German bread a meal we served later.  Throughout the evening, adults would enjoy their meal with a few “spirits” while the children entertained themselves with games and sorting through their goodies. They traded, negotiated, divided, and shared until everyone got exactly what they wanted. It was a fun and everyone still likes to remember Oma’s Halloween traditions that lasted 14 years.

One of my favorite treats for the children were the Cupcake Cones and the tealights made from carved apples and potatoes.

German Schokokuss Sweets

German Schokokuss Sweets

German Schokokuss Sweets The German Schokokuss Sweets are made with beaten egg whites and sugar syrup, covered with dark chocolate. The Schokokuss is also known as Schaumkuss or Topkuss in Germany. Ingredients for German Schokokuss Sweets: 100 g (3.52 oz) of pasteurized egg whites (available at grocery stores) 200 g (7.05 oz) of sugar 1 […]

Halloween Traditions Food Recipes and Fun

Food. Fun. And Halloween Traditions. The spirit of Halloween is alive and well at Oma’s.

Halloween Traditions! Halloween or Halloween Traditions. “What is it?” This is a question I had 29 years ago, when I first experienced this nightly celebration in the States. Of all the answers I received, the one I could identify with the most was the comparison to the peak of the German carnival season called Fasching […]