Homemaking and Gardening Tips


I like to share homemaking tips from family traditions. Growing up in a large family I learned in a very early age how to budget effective. I can show you how easy it is. I’ve  raised a family on a budget, too. Here are common sense Budgeting Tips you can use with your family. My tips will help your family learn to gain control over spending.

I love my garden and are happy to provide some gardening tips that will help you prepare your garden for the following Spring. My ideas on how to Winterize Your Garden are helpful suggestions on how to keep your garden healthy over the winter. Furthermore you will learn how to safe money while taking a chance of the plant sales in fall. It also will safe you time in next spring.

Best Useful Kitchen Tools

Best Useful Kitchen Tools

Best Useful Kitchen Tools for Cooking This listing contains the Best Useful Kitchen Tools, gadgets, and utensils for cooking. The essential items are marked with a green star on the picture. It is very important, to have the right tools, gadgets, and utensils to prepare the meals. The pictured necessary tools are little helpers to […]

Eight Gardening Tips to Winterize your garden

Winterize your garden in 8 simple steps.

Eight Gardening Tips It’s fall. My favorite time of the year. A time where life has a chance to settle down a bit between all the back-to-school responsibilities and endless activities and celebrations of the winter season. Before your hectic holiday schedule begins, take a moment to breathe. That right, get outside and take in […]

Garden Preparation Spring

Spring 101: Everything you need to know to prepare your flower and herb garden after winter.

Garden Preparation Spring Look around, garden preparation spring is the next step in your garden after winter. The signs of spring are starting to appear. The earth that has remained dormant all winter long reawakens in breathtaking fashion. The blooming white snowdrop breaks its slumber and is soon accompanied by the flowering, multicolored crocus and […]

Household budgeting tips

Dollars and common sense. Household budgeting The Oma Way.

Household Budgeting Tips Find some easy to follow household budgeting tips Oma used successful for 40 years. Money, Money, Money! Easy to say, easy to sing, but for some, not so easy to save. All the advice and information you may have to help manage your money will be of little benefit until you become […]

Fall for it all: Oma’s end-of-summer gardening tips.

Late Summer Gardening Tips How to prepare your garden before winter with these helpful late summer gardening tips. The end of summer doesn’t mean the end of the gardening season. There are still plenty of productive and enjoyable things you can do this fall. Whether planting new bulbs, shrubs, and saplings, harvesting winter-proof vegetables, or […]