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Face Masks – Yes or No

Face Masks

Wearing face masks: yes or no? The discussion is controversial, and I tried to answer it for myself and my family. I am aware that ignorance, denial, and avoiding the news are understandable but do not support controlling the pandemic and stabilizing the situation. Therefore I read articles and listened to a variety of news from the States as well as Germany to answer this question.

Based on discussions on the media combined with the facts outlined by various health professionals, I decided to wear a mask whenever I am in public and in close contact with friends. Also, I keep the recommended and necessary distance to others (6 feet) and wash my hands more often.

It is a known fact that people without symptoms can be contagious and are often unaware of it. The face masks can help to reduce the spread even so it does not prevent catching the virus. Only medical face covers are more protective.

I understand and acknowledge my responsibilities to society and the people around me. It might not be very comfortable to cover the face, especially during summertime, but it is the right thing to do.

After being asked by some followers to offer masks for sale, I decided to do so. Starting to sew was not as easy because there was a shortage of materials, and when I did get my hands on the materials, it was costly.

Making the Masks – Material and Techniques

After making the first masks based on patterns from the internet, I was not pleased with the results and created my own model. My goal was to have a double-layered cover made with 100% cotton, washable (with soap and warm water), breathable, wire on top, pockets for a filter, and double elastic that goes around the head so that it doesn’t cause pain or irritation behind the ears. To wear the masks behind the ears, just cut the elastic in half and make two loops.

I managed and received positive feedback from customers, many of which ordered multiple masks. It is not easy, but I try to find fashionable fabric patterns because if we have to wear a mask, it should at least look good.

To find the face masks for sale, click here. With the purchase of the masks, you also support Oma pay for the expenses associated with keeping the website “The Oma Way” running.

You all stay healthy and safe.

On a personal note

While comparing results based on actions and precautions taken in various countries, I realized that the United States is far behind. Our numbers are climbing again, and we never solved and controlled the problem in the first place. Making the decision not wearing a mask does not have much to do with rights and freedom but is spreading the virus. People not following the necessary guidelines cost possible harm and endanger my health, the health of my family, and the health of people they are in contact with and, therefore, limiting our rights.

I believe in the fact-based explanations of the qualified experts not listening to conspiracy theories or playing the reality down. Just using common sense. It is proven that the virus cannot yet be fought with a vaccine, but we can all help control it while wearing a mask, limiting social distancing, and wash the hands more often. Let’s also consider reducing the burden of the overwhelmed health care workers and essential workers who risk their lives every day.

Yours Oma

P.S. Children’s masks are in the making.