New Year’s Eve Traditions

New Year's Eve Traditions

In Germany, New Year’s Eve Traditions are different than in the United States. New Year’s Eve is also called Silvester. German New Year’s Eve traditions include food, drinks, fireworks and predictions for the future and the coming year. Friends and families get together to join the last hours of the old year and welcoming the New Year. The evening is filled with activities like games and watching traditional shows on tv. Following customs a variety of authentic homemade food is served. Sauerkraut, midnight soup, marinated herrings and potato salad with sausages are just a few dishes to mention. The food is accompanied with the German popular drink, the Fire Tongs Punch a Feuerzangenbowle.

The fireworks in the streets are private and take place at midnight. The lights of the rockets are shining between and over the houses. In the background you here the church bells ringing in the New Year. After the fireworks people are going back to their homes to continue with  led melting one of the famous New Year’s Eve traditions in Germany. For the hungry some sausages will be heated up while others might eat some of the traditional dessert jam filled sweet rolls. The party usually ends in the early morning hours and of course people are sleeping in. New Year’s Day is for the most very quiet and the celebration come to an end with a life broadcast on TV of the New Year’s Concert from Vienna.

New Year's Eve

These New Year’s Eve Recipes

New Year’s Eve, recipes, prophecies, and celebrations are a total blast. New Year’s Eve is celebrated differently the world over. While New York City is counting down in Time Square and watching the ball drop, the people of Germany are filling the streets and setting off fireworks to the sound of the local church bells. […]

New Year's Luck Traditions

New Year’s Luck Traditions

New Year’s Luck Traditions. Watch luck come pouring in all shapes, sizes, and meanings. The last Day of the year in Germany is celebrated with New Year’s Luck Traditions. When the clock strikes midnight, it’s a brand new year. Fireworks color the sky and people fill the streets. Yes, New Year’s in Germany is quite […]