German Christmas Traditions

German Christmas Traditions

The ceremonies of German Christmas traditions start on first of Advent (the fourth Sunday before December 24th) and end on December 26th, which is in Germany the second Holiday. The pre-season begins on first of Advent and ends with Christmas Eve when the “Christkind” comes to bring the presents. Between first of Advent and the second Holiday are many German Christmas traditions to celebrate. Children are involved in the preparations which include decorations, themed arts&crafts projects, and of course making the favorite traditional cookies.

The traditional homemade cookies are made in the beginning of December to be ready in time. Each Sunday a candle will be lit on the Advents wreath. The wreath is tied with twigs of fir and decorated with red ribbon. The self made Advents calendar is counting down the days in December while opening up each day a door. On the 6th of December St. Nicholas might visit the children at their homes to fill a boot with candies and chocolate.

No time of the year is more magical than the pre-season, part of the German Christmas Traditions. Family and friends join each other, sitting around a table and sharing memories of course the cookies. In the house the smell of fir, candle, cinnamon, oranges and baking goods. On top of it Oma sitting in the chair and reading the favorite stories to the children.

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