35 Favorite Oktoberfest Songs

35 Favorite Oktoberfest Songs not only in Germany. Listed by Oma!


35 Favorite Oktoberfest Songs!

These 35 favorite Oktoberfest songs will make sure your party is a success. They invite you to dance and sway. Add Oma’s recipes for traditional German Oktoberfest food and the right beer.

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Music plays a key part in every Oktoberfest celebration. And just like there are different courses in a traditional German meal, so are there various types music during the 16-day event. Each style of music has a special meaning and purpose.

The classics like marches, homeland music, and Oompah music mostly played during the opening of Oktoberfest, the big parade, as well as the “Fruehschoppen,” What is that you say? Oh, it’s the morning-get-together-for-a-drink time, of course.

Later on, comes the dance music, which is a mixture of homeland musicthe old musicand cult musicIt also includes classic hitsand some of today’s modern musicAlways upbeat and usually played in the evening, an orchestra will cater to young and old—playing music that is truly timeless and unquestionably German.

When it’s time for eating and drinking on the long tables and benches under the big tents, you’re sure to hear what I like to call “Jolly Music.” It doesn’t matter if you know the person next to you or not, chances are you’ll soon be locked arm in arm—swaying to the rhythm (“schunkeln”) and singing at the top of your lungs until the whole room is shaking. It’s quite a sight. And sound!

Like most things that are German, everything has structure and purpose. Soon, you’ll be able to recognize the 35 favorite Oktoberfest songs revealed and listed by Oma

1Bayerischer DefiliermarschMuenchner OktoberfestBlasmusik vomRegional Music
MusikantenMuenchner Oktoberfest
2AnneliesePeter AlexanderAus Böhmen kommt die Mu..German Folk
3Wendelstoiner SchuhplattlerDie Muenchner BlaskapelleFroehliches OktoberfestGerman Folk
4Mussinan-MarschMuenchner OktoberfestBlasmusik vomRegional Music
MusikantenMuenchner Oktoberfest
5Bubi bubi Noch EinmalDie KaltensteinerEuropean MastersTraditional
6Unter Der Bavaria (Marsch)Muenchner OktoberfestBlasmusik vomRegional Music
MusikantenMuenchner Oktoberfest
7Trompeten EchoFroehliche Blasmusikanten200 Jahre OktoberfestRock
8Toelzer SchuetzenmarschMuenchner OktoberfestBlasmusik vomRegional Music
MusikantenMuenchner Oktoberfest
9Tiroler HolzhackerbuamKeferloher Musikanten200 Jahre OktoberfestRock
10Auf und NiederZillertaler SchuerzenjaegerZum FeiernGerman Folk
11Oktoberfest-LaendlerMuenchner OktoberfestBlasmusik vomRegional Music
MusikantenMuenchner Oktoberfest
12SchuetzenlieslOktoberfestkapelle Ernst HanischOktoberfest SouvenirTraditional
13Muenchner Kindl-MarschMuenchner OktoberfestBlasmusik vomRegional Music
MusikantenMuenchner Oktoberfest
14Der Klarinetten-MucklVarious ArtistsOktoberfestRegional Music
15SchneewalzerGitty und ErikaJubilaeumsausgabe 44 JahreTraditional
16Erzherzog Johann JodlerHelga ReichelErzherzog Johann JodlerRegional Music
17In Muenchen Steht Ein BayernkapelleAuf Zum OktoberfestTraditional
18Alte KameradenLuftwaffenmusikkorps 3Die schoensten MaerscheTraditional
19Steirerman San Very GoodDas Stoakogier TrioTz Oktoberfest HitsOther
20Herz-Schmerz PolkaEddie und FreundeOktoberfestGerman Folk
21Wiesseer WatschentanzVarious ArtistsOktoberfestTraditional
22Der Klarinetten-MucklMuenchner OktoberfestBlasmusik vomRegional Music
MusikantenMuenchner Oktoberfest
23Zillertaler HochzeitsmarschZillertaler SchuerzenjaegerOktoberfest Hits Disc1Holiday
24Muenchner SchuetzenmarschDie Keferloher Musikanten200 Jahre OktoberfestRock
25Haushamer PlattlerAdi StahuberEin Klingendes SouvenirGerman Folk
aus Bayern
26Solang der alte PeterLustige MusikantenEin Prosit der Gemuetlichk…German Folk
27SchaefflertanzFranzl Obermeier undOktoberfestTraditional
seine Blasmusik
28Heckenroeschen PolkaDie RosenholzerOktoberfest Munich 2010German Folk
29Jubel, Trubel, BlasmusikTirolerbuamO’zapft isTraditional
30Geliebtes MuenchenVarious ArtistsFroehliches OktoberfestGerman Folk
31Von der TannMuenchner OktoberfestBlasmusik Vom MuenchnerGerman Folk
32KaiserjaegermarschFroehliche BlasmusikantenSchaetze Der MarschmusikGerman Folk
33Muenchner Kindl WalzerDie Linzer BuamFroehliches OktoberfestTraditional
34Echt Bayrisch PolkaDie Muenchner BlaskapelleFroehliches OktoberfestGerman Folk
35Liebelei am IsarstrandDie Linzer BuamFroehliches OktoberfestGerman Folk