Continental Knitting Knit Stitch

Continental Knitting for beginners – Learn the Knit Stitch with Oma’s step-by-step guide

Continental Knitting Knit Stitch for Beginners step-by step

Learn the continental knitting knit stitch with Oma’s step-by-step instructions. It’s as easy as eins, zwei, drei!

The explanation of this site is in support to my youtube video. To watch the video click here.

I’ve adopted Continental Knitting as The Oma Way of knitting because of its speed and efficiency. The ability to control the tension of the yarn with less difficult movements makes this a more relaxed, effective, and enjoyable method of knitting. As you’ll soon see, your hands will become tools and machines.

In this video, I’ll go over a brief introduction to knitting, while sharing some of my own personal experiences with this amazing craft, along with the first three key steps to Continental Knitting Knit Stitch: cast on, knit stitch, and bind off.

From how to hold your needles in the beginning to how to make a washcloth in the end, this is an easy step-by-step guide for beginners.

I’ve been knitting for over 50 years, but soon you’ll be an expert yourself. Just take your time and be patient. Remember, no one has ever written a book without first learning the ABCs. Enjoy!

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Preparation and guiding the yarn for cast on:

                  Knitting materials                                     Winding of yarn                               Guiding yarn  for cast on

                                                                                               Step 1

OMA66  OMA02  OMA06

               Guiding yarn  for cast on                      Guiding yarn  for cast on                     Guiding yarn  for cast on

Step 2                                                            Step 3                                                        Step 4

OMA11  Continental Knitting Knit Stitch Cast on  OMA18

Cast on:  

                   Cast on – Step 1                                          Cast on – Step 2                                         Cast on – Step 3        

OMA20  OMA21  OMA22

                    Cast on – Step 4                                         Cast on – Step 5                                        Cast on – Step 6

OMA23  OMA24  OMA26

                        Cast on – Step 7                                       Cast on – Step 8                                        

  OMA28  OMA29

Knit stitch: guiding yarn and positioning of knitting needle in left hand

          Guiding yarn left hand                                       Position needle                                        Yarn and needle

                                                                                             left hand                                            combined left hand

continental Knitting Knit Stitch tension of yarn  OMA32  OMA33

 Positioning knitting needle right hand:

       Knitting needle right hand


Knit stitch continental knitting using both hands:

                  Knit stitch – Step 1                                    Knit stitch – Step 2                                      Knit stitch – Step 3

continental knitting knit stitch   OMA45  OMA40

                Knit stitch – Step 4                                      Knit stitch – Step 5

OMA38  OMA49

Binding off:

                Binding off – Step 1                                    Binding off – Step 2                                    Binding off – Step 3

continental knitting knit stitch cast off  OMA52  OMA54

               Binding off – Step 4                                 Binding off – Step 5

OMA57  OMA64

Finishing work:

                 Finishing – Step 1                                        Finishing – Step 2                                       Finishing – Step 3

continental knitting knit stitch finishing work  OMA70  OMA75

Edge Stitch

continental knitting knit stitch edge stitch  OMA85