Best Classic Children’s Books of all Times picked by Oma

Best Classic Children's Books

Oma has a selection of the Best Classic Children’s Books of all times. Some of these books are available in both English and German which encourages the learning of two languages. The stories are familiar and known without understanding every word of the second language.

Why Classic Children Books?

When choosing the Best Classic Children’s Books, I wanted to make sure that old stories and fairy tales, engaging generations before us, do not get lost in the fast-paced, competitive world of today. The old classic stories teach the values, traditions, culture, and ethics we all need to know and try to live by. These are all necessary skills that make us better understand the needs of others and help us develop emotional intelligence.

Children learn to listen and to use their imagination to translate the text into a vision. The fantasy of children is unlimited.

The Best Classic Children’s Books also include books in English or German, some of them are with newer stories. I chose these books based on the experiences I had with my children, who grew up being bilingual. Other books I chose based on the reactions of my grandchildren.

My children and my grandchildren had one thing in common. They all loved sitting on a lap, snuggling up and asking questions while listening to a story. A computer or an I-pad cannot create this kind of atmosphere, the closeness of another person. A mother, father, grandparent, aunt, and uncle cannot be replaced by a modern gadget.

The Classic Children Books are treasures which should be part of everyone’s childhood memories.