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About The Oma Way

Welcome to my website that features authentic German recipes for homemade meals. You will find recipes as well as information and tips on how to manage German living in America.

Taught by my ancestors, I learned multifaceted life skills within and beyond the home. I have a deep sense of identity rooted in the heritage and culture of my childhood home and upbringing in Germany, which I implemented into this blog.

Through my efforts of building an active community on social media and my website, it is my goal to strengthen German American relations and friendship. My work influences people by teaching the basics of homemade meals and introducing German culture and tradition to everyone interested.

I, a German grandmother called Oma by my grandchildren, came to the United States in 1989. I have four children and six grandchildren. Before becoming a full-time stay-at-home mom, I was a teacher.

When I am not busy cooking and baking, I enjoy photography, knitting, crocheting, decorating, gardening and reading.

Authentic German Recipes

Authentic German Recipes

I want to share traditional, authentic German recipes to use in home cooking. My homemaking skills and experiences include preparation of balanced, healthy food of German Recipes. Furthermore, I provide basic Baking Recipes and tips on how to decorate cakes. You find simple Gardening Tips, Continental Knitting, Arts and Crafts, and Traditional Classic Kids Activities with games and books. I want to reach out to the largest immigrant group of German-Americans as well as anyone interested in the wide range the German culture has to offer. German food is more than sauerkraut and schnitzel and German living more than Oktoberfest and lederhosen.

Yours, Oma (German Grandmother)