Rutabaga Stew Recipe - Steckruebeneintopf

Rutabaga Stew Recipe

Rutabaga Stew – Steckruebeneintopf

The Rutabaga Stew is a traditional meal in Germany and called Steckruebeneintopf. Prepared with pork belly and potatoes one of the favorite dishes for fall. Rutabaga is also known as Swede.

Ingredients for Rutabaga Stew:

  • 1.2 kg (2.64 lb) of rutabaga
  • 600 g (1.32 lb) of pork belly
  • 750 g (1.65 lb) of potatoes
  • 150 g (5.29 oz) of bacon, 4 slices
  • 250 g (8.81 oz) of onions, diced
  • 2 tablespoons of butter
  • 2 cubes of Knorr vegetable bouillon
  • 1 l (1.05 qt) of water
  • salt
  • 2 tablespoons of corn starch

Preparation of the ingredients:

Wash the pork belly and dry it with a kitchen towel. Cut in cubes. Peel the onions and dice. Peel the rutabaga and cut into cubes.

Preparation of the ingredients

Preparation of the Rutabaga Stew:

Melt the butter in a saucepan, add the cut bacon and fry until the fat of the bacon melted. Add the meat cubes and roast on all sides. Add the onions, mix them with the bacon and meat and fry for about 3 – 5 minutes or until transparent.

Pour the water over the ingredients and crumble the bouillon cubes into it. Bring to a boil, turn the heat down and let it slowly cook for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes of cooking time, add the rutabaga cubes to the meat mixture and cook for 20 more minutes.

Meantime peel the potatoes, wash them and cut into small cubes. Add the potatoes after 50 minutes of cooking time to the rutabaga and continue cooking the stew for 10 more minutes.

Frying the bacon      Cooking Rutabaga - Swede

To thicken the stew, mix four tablespoons of water with the cornstarch and add to the stew. Mix the ingredients and turn the heat off. Add salt to your personal liking.

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Rutabaga Stew