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German Idioms Part 2 - German language

Germans sure have a funny way with words, part ll. “The Umbrella Power”!

German idioms part 2 is the sequel of German idioms part I. Oma extended the list of German idioms part I by popular demand. As you’ll see, these common German idioms part 2 and expressions are for sure funny in translation.  The umbrella power has not much to do with rain and means patronage. “I understand only rail station” has not much to do with a train but more means “I do not understand what you’re saying”. Find more German idioms below as well as in German idioms part 1. Just click the link.

German idioms part 2:

  Busenfreundschaft   Breast friendship   Best friend
  Der Fernsehturm   The far looking tower   Television tower
  Die Schirmherrschaft   The Umbrella Power   Patronage
  Es zieht   It pulls   There is a draft in the room
  Haut ab   Skin off   Go disappear
  Huehnerauge   Chicken eye   Corns
  Ich verstehe nur Bahnhof   I understand only rail station   I don’t understand what you’re saying
  In den Sack hauen   Beat in the bag   Giving up
  Jemanden aufmoebeln   Furniture someone   To cheer up somebody
  Nun ist der Ofen aus   Now is the oven out   That does it!