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German Gingerbread Spice Mix

German Gingerbread Spice Mix

German Gingerbread Spice Mix – Lebkuchengewuerz – Neunerlei

The German Gingerbread Spice Mix is consisting of 9 different spices used in Gingerbread and a variety of Christmas cookies. In Germany we call this spice blend Lebkuchengewuerz or Neunerlei.

Ingredients for the Spice Mix:

2 teaspoons of ground:

  • cinnamon (Zimt)
  • cloves (Nelken)
  • coriander, cilantro (Koriander)
  • anise (Anis)
  • ginger (Ingwer)
  • mace (Muskatbluete)
  • cardamom (Kardamom)
  • nutmeg (Muskatnuss)
  • all-spice (Nelkenpfeffer, Piment)

Preparation of the Spice Mix:

If the spices are not available as ground spices, the fruit can be grated or ground. I use a box grater and an electric coffee grinder. Mix the ground spices together. It is easy to double the amount of each spice and to store the leftovers in a canning jar covered with a lid.

To use the Neunerlei in Oma’s Lebkuchen Recipe click here.

Gingerbread Gingerbread Spice Mix.