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Open Letter to the Oma Community

Open Letter to the Oma Community

Open Letter to the Oma Community

Dear Loyal Followers, with this open letter to the Oma community I want to inform you about the new ideas for this blog.

As many of you know, I started the blog The Oma Way five years ago with the intent initially to pursue it as a hobby. It gave me the chance to continue doing what I have always done. Sharing German recipes and homemaking ideas with others to preserve German heritage and cultural traditions.

Open letter to the Oma Way Community

Development of the blog

I never imagined that this blog would mushroom into something so significant, also in terms of scope, with more than 38,000 followers on Facebook. Many more visitors on my actual website, permanently work that touches so many people around the world. Likewise, the community that I was able to create had touched and inspired me and is also the reason I continue working so diligently to keep up with the website.

Based on the traffic, the expenses for the services to maintain the website are high, including the purchase of goods for preparing the recipes, completing the photography, and computer help. I find myself at the crossroad trying to figure out how to sustain this work on my blog.

Ideas how to cover expenses

Some people have advised me on how to make money with my blog to cover the expenses. Still, I was not particularly fond of the recommendations. Having adds on the site would negatively change its look. Getting paid by clicks seldom generates enough money to cover the costs and finding sponsors? I wouldn’t even know how and where to begin.

My goal was to keep the look and functionality of the blog intact. I have the impression that you like it too and feel like coming home entering “The Oma Way.” I also want to continue connecting personally with you, which is very important to me. I like working with and for you in sharing German culture, traditions, recipes, and much more.

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How to support “The Oma Way”

After giving myself some time to think it through, I believe I found a solution to the cost problem. Friends suggested I create and design merchandise for sale using the pictures I took in and around my house. They are mainly impressions from my life that have been received so dearly by all of you. I started to design the mugs and expanded the idea to include tote bags that could be used instead of plastic bags while shopping. To purchase cookbooks, mugs, or bags, click here.

New ideas are always welcome. Just send me an email using the contact form.

With much gratitude and appreciation, Oma