Children's Books Summer

Summertime is story time: Oma’s Top 10 Children’s Books for summer reading.

Children’s Books Summer

Summer vacation is a great time to read and relax. The following collection of children’s books summer is a complement to other literary lists you’ll find in the “Children” section of my website.

The first book in this series is an amazing balloon journey to finding a lost sibling, followed by a creative explanation of how the colors came about in this world. The Little Man in the Map is a unique and whimsical approach to learning all of America’s fifty states. Next up is Charlotte, a young girl who fell overboard and is saved by a boy named Tim who becomes her friend. Another little girl is invited by flower fairies to join in their Midsummer festival. Jack comes up with a BIG plan to save a kingdom.

With Autumn just around the corner, meet Christopher, a boy who plays in the garden and encounters a “spirited” character named September. Finally, all the train cars are loaded up by animals, the crayons hysterically quit drawing, and the construction vehicles go to sleep after a very long workday.

These children’s books summer page-turning treasures are so beautifully told and illustrated that even adults can easily get lost in its magic. Some of the books in my Top 10 list are classics, while others are new delights to discover and share. (And yes, most of them are also available in German.) If interested, just click on the titles to be linked to an online store where purchases can be easily made.

As always, I wish you a lovely and memorable story time with your children (or grandchildren).

Yours, Oma

Ten magical additions, Children’s books summer, to your storied collection—compiled by your favorite “Deutsche Oma” (German Grandmother).

1. Where is my Sister? by Sven Nordqvist

Wo ist meine Schwester“?

Where is my Sister by Sven Nordqvist     IMG_3480


2. THE NUMBERLYS by William Joyce


The Numberly's by William Joyce     IMG_3537


3. The Little Man In the Map by E. Andrew Martonyi

The Little Man In the Map by E.Andrew Martonyi     IMG_3494


4. TIM AND CHARLOTTE by Edward Ardizzone

Tim And Charlotte by Edward Ardizzone     IMG_3515



 “Das Blumenfest

The Flowers' Festival by Elsa Beskow     IMG_3522


6. A bean, a stalk and a boy named JACK by William Joyce

A bean, a stalk and a boy named Jack by William Joyce     IMG_3511


7. Christopher’s Harvest Time by Elsa Beskow

Lasse im Garten

Christopher's Harvest Time by Elsa Beskow Children's Books Summer     IMG_3491


8. STEAM TRAIN, Dream Train by Sherri Duskey Rinker

Eisenbahn ins Traumland

Steam Train, Dream Train by Sherri Duskey Rinker and Tom Lichtenheld Children's Books Summer     IMG_3531



The Day the Crayons Quit by Drew Daywalt Children's Book Summer     IMG_3506


10. Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site by Sherri Duskey Rinker

 “Gute Nacht Baustelle Gut’Nacht

Children's Books Summer     IMG_3501

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