German School Cone Tradition

German School Cone Tradition

German School Cone Tradition! Treat your kids with a School Cone.

The first day of elementary school can be an anxious time for any kindergartener or first grader. Make this day a little sweeter with a Zuckertuete, a German school cone tradition. This kinder cone (literally translated: sugar bag) is a German tradition that dates back to the early 1800s. Parents or grandparents would present their young ones with a big cardboard cone, beautifully decorated and filled with toys, chocolates, candies, school supplies, and other various goodies and surprises. Keep this German school cone tradition alive by making your own Zuckertuete. You will see those frowns turn upside down.

Getting started is easy. Just follow the step-by-step instructions and custom-create the school cone also known as the kinder cone or Schultuete yourself—or with your child. The project from start to finish should take only about 40 minutes. But the memories will last a lifetime.

Make your own Zuckertuete. The Oma Way!     

It’s easy. Just follow the step-by-step instructions and custom-create the sugar cone yourself—or with your child. The project from start to finish should take only about 40 minutes. But the memories will last a lifetime.

Preparation for a German School Cone:

Tools and Materials:

 1. Poster-board 22″ x 28″
2. Crepe Paper 50cm x 2.5 m (19.6” x 2.7 yard at arts & craft stores or amazon) OR fabric OR tissue paper OR gift wrapping paper 
3. Measuring tape
4. Trim (available at arts & craft stores)
5. Ribbon (available at arts & craft stores)
6. Universal glue (Uhu available at arts & craft stores, Amazon)
7. Double-sided tape
8. Pair of pinking shears
9. Pair of scissors
10.Pencil with cotton yarn
11. Decorative stickers with letters and school themes (see below)

German School Cone Tradition                     image4


Mark your poster board on the length side at 22”. Take about 26” of yarn and tie it onto the pencil in a knot. Hold the pencil with the yarn in one corner of the short side and draw a circle, till you reach the 22” mark on the length side. You have drawn a quarter of a circle.

image5                     German School Cone Tradition

Cut out the semi circle and roll it into a cone—leaving a 9” opening at the top. The edges of the opening should be overlapping.

image7 image8 image9

Glue the edge of the cone and roll it into the proper direction—attaching it to the glued edge.

German School Cone Tradition                     image10

Cut away the overlapping poster board so that the opening edge is even. Use double-sided tape to secure the cone’s overlapping paper on the inside double sided tape to put them together.

photo11                photo12

Use your double sided tape and glue it against the outside top edge all the way around the cone. Have the creppe paper still on the roll and glue it against the cone with the tape. When you finished the round let the creppe paper overlap about 3 inches and cut it lengthwise. Glue the end of the creppe paper together with the already attached creppe paper with double sided tape.

photo13  photo14  photo15  photo16

After cutting the creppe paper lengthwise, start on the overlapping side of the creppe paper (open side) and turn the creppe paper careful towards the opening of the cone till you have reached the lower edge of the tape glued creppe paper.Work with you index finger around the edge and fold the creppe paper.

photo17      photo18     photo19

Grab the creppe paper and and bind a bow around it. On top cut about 8 inches of the creppe paper off with the pinking shears.


Start first with the trim on the top edge. Leave it on the roll. Start at the seam in the back and put some glue onto the trim. Glue it about 0.5 inch under the edge of the creppe paper and work it around the cone.

photo20  German School Cone Tradition  German School Cone Tradition

Your school cone is ready to be decorated. No limitations to it. You either use your own imagination or just use some hints, I have given.

To find the recipe for a school pretzel, another German tradition on the Einschulung, click the link