First Day School Invitations


Invitation First Day Kindergarten

In Germany, the first day of elementary school   is a major life event. One worthy of a celebration. Make your child feel extra special by adopting this German tradition. Have a First day of School Party! Just like any fun-filled event, it starts with an invitation. Below you will find invitations in a variety of colors, which I designed and prepared. Just pick your favorite by clicking the image to download. Then, just print, cut out, and decorate. These invitations are easy and fun to make, so get your child involved in the process. And get ready for a day they will never forget.

Click a template to download First Day School Invitations:

White invitation for First Day of School       Yellow invitation template for First Day of School       Pink invitation template for First Day of School

green Invitation template       Blue invitation template       purple invitation template


1. Have your child pick the color he or she likes.

2. Cut out the school cone on the inside of the lines.

3. Fold in the center with the writing facing outside.

IMG_4339     IMG_4341     IMG_4342

(Open)                                                                                            (Front)                                               (Back)

4. Cut the top edge either straight or with pinking shears.

5. Cut ribbon width 1/8″ to make a bow on top.

Making First Day School Invitations

6. Decorate your invitation with your child’s choice of stickers and you’re ready to go.


What’s the First Day of  Elementary School/Kindergarten like in Germany?

The day usually starts with a special church service. Afterwards, there’s a welcome ceremony at school, hosted by the principal and classroom teachers—featuring performances by the older students. Following the ceremony, the children celebrate at home with close family, friends, and neighbors. And for a good reason! These children, after all, are entering a new and important phase of their lives—one that will help them grow and shape their future with a great education.

Whether in Germany, in America, or anywhere else in the world, let’s make sure our kids get the attention they deserve on this very special day. Send out invitations for the party!