German American Thanksgiving

German American Thanksgiving. Add these delicious popular German recipes to your Thanksgiving menu.


German American Thanksgiving

German American Thanksgiving in Oma’s house. Give your traditional Thanksgiving meal this year an Oma twist while adding or combining the following recipes. I picked Classic German Recipes which I was taught by my mother and she was taught by her mother. A traditional German menu for holidays, celebrations and festivities. Try it out.

Instead of turkey, consider a beef roast with gravy. Replace stuffing or mashed potatoes with my dumplings. And try substituting green beans with red cabbage. Of course, Thanksgiving purest would never deviate from the traditional menu. That’s why these recipes—including my tomato soup with freshly baked baguette—also make great additions!

In my family, I keep everyone deliciously guessing. Some years it’s the bird. Others it’s the roast. And sometimes, depending on the number of guests, it’s both! Mixing and matching the traditional American feast with my “Germerican” alternatives keeps everyone happy and well fed. Pumpkin pie? Sure. But add my black forest cake plus Red Berry Compote with Vanilla sauce and it’s sure to be a Thanksgiving no one will forget.

Regardless of what menu you put together, Thanksgiving is all about getting together with family and being grateful for what we have. It’s in this spirit that I wish you and your loved ones a very blessed holiday. And hope you enjoy these tasty alternatives. As always, let me know what you think.

Yours, Oma

PS: For my traditional Thanksgiving menu, click here. (You’ll also find special short cuts, holiday traditions, and unique table decorations.)

Mix and match Oma’s Traditional Thanksgiving Recipes with Classic German recipes.

(Click titles for recipes. Click photos to enlarge.)

German American Thanksgiving dishes:

Tomato Soup




German Yeast Dumplings


Red Cabbage


Beef Roast with Gravy


Red Berry Compote with Vanilla sauce


Black Forest Cake


  • cm wilson

    OH you just made me laugh out loud We have celebrated a “German Thanksgiving” my whole life and I continued it with my family. It is now our Thanksgiving. We have potato dumplings [Kartoffelkloesse} red cabbage, [splash of wine and clove] – and fresh bakes rolls. Never have made the green beans, we do the Turkey but have the roast for Christmas. I can’t imagine Thanksgiving without red cabbage.

    • The Oma Way

      cm wilson, thank you for your comment. I do think it is a great alternative to mix both of the menus. Sometimes I have in one year the traditional turkey dinner and the next year the German dinner. Sometimes I mix, because not everyone in my family likes the turkey. Yours, Oma

  • Steve Conner

    What? No sauerkraut? We always have it on Thanksgiving and Christmas. It’s a big tradition in Maryland, especially German-Americans from Baltimore.