Homemade German Fleischsalat

Homemade German Fleischsalat


Homemade German Fleischsalat

The homemade German Fleischsalat is originally made with a ring of bologna, but also tastes delicious with sliced bologna. The taste of the Fleischsalat will depend in part on the kind of pickles and mayonnaise used. I recommend Hengstenberg Gherkins which you can get in the international aisle of your grocery store or at Whole Foods. You also could order the gherkins online here.

Ingredients for homemade German Fleischsalat:

  • 250 g (8.81 oz) of Lyoner sausage OR Bologna cut in strips
  • 200 g (7.05 oz) of diced pickles
  • 2 tablespoons of the liquid from the jar of the pickles
  • 1 cup of mayonnaise
  • 1 cup of plain whole milk yoghurt OR quark OR sour cream
  • 1 tablespoon of sugar
  • salt (optional)

Ingredients Homemade German Fleischsalat

Preparation of homemade German Fleischsalat:

Mix mayonnaise, sour cream, liquid from the jar of pickles and sugar using a whisk. Cut the bologna in half and then into small strips. Dice the pickles. Add bologna and diced pickles to the dressing and stir with a spatula. Add salt to your personal taste. Let it chill for about one hour.

Dressing for Homemade German Fleischsalat   Preparing Homemade German Fleischsalat   

Spread the homemade Fleischsalat on fresh white bread, rolls, or baguettes. This recipe serves 6-8 people.

Homemade German Fleischsalat

  • abgirl3

    This Oma makes the Fleisch Salat with Leoner sausage that is available in most grocery stores here in Canada. Next time I’ll add yogurt to the mayo.
    Nice presentation! Love your recipes!
    BTW, I immigrated with two small children in 1970.

    • The Oma Way

      abgirl3, thank you for your nice comment. I know, that you can make it also with Lyoner, but it is not so easy to get it in the States. Therefore I used the bologna that is available in each State. Yours, Oma

  • strubbiedoo

    We always used the ends of the aufschnitt, some black forest ham. mortadella, beer wurst pickles and mayo at my parents deli.

    • The Oma Way

      Strubbiedoo, that is a great idea using the rest of the Aufschnitt.

  • Annette Fielder

    I love this! Thank you for bringing back so many memories of growing up in a German family. Your posts and pictures keep getting better, great effort! Oms’a rock!

  • Annette Fielder

    I love this! Thank you for bringing back fond memories of growing up in a German family. Your posts and pictures keep getting better, great effort. Omas rock!

    • The Oma Way

      Annette, thank you for your nice comment. Yours, Oma

  • Anita

    My Oma used to make this! Oh, I’ll have to try it!

    • The Oma Way

      Anita, thank you so much for your comment. Yours, Oma

  • Helianthe M Smith

    Unless you like a lot of Mayo, which I don’t, I would recommend to double the amount of bologna. I buy the Boars Head Ring Bologna and use all 16 oz. Tastes just like at home!

    • The Oma Way

      Helianthe, thank you for your comment.

  • Gabriele Hays

    I have tried it before and it tastes delicious! But how do you keep it from getting watery? I usually make enough for two days and on the second day it is watery!

    • The Oma Way

      Gabriele Hays, if you drain the sour cream or yoghurt, depending what you use, it will help. You also could use less of the liquids from the pickles, but it will take some of the taste away. Yours, Oma

      • Gabriele Hays

        thank you, I will try it next time

  • Poppyseed

    My husband said his Mother made it without Mayo, I think oil & vinegar. Do you know this recipe?

    • The Oma Way

      Poppyseed, there are two kinds of salads. The one made as above is the Fleischsalat, and the other one is the Wurstsalat, that is without mayo. The Wurstsalat is made with onions cut in rings, vinegar, oil, salt, pepper, and some diced pickles.

      • cezook

        I had completely forgotten about Wurstsalat, it’s been over fifty years since I left home. Thank you for giving back lovely memories I had lost.

    • Jonilla

      Ring bologna, German pickles, onions, pickle juice, red wine vinegar, vegetable oil, sugar for taste. I don’t have measurements, I just throw it together.

    • Ils Beth

      yes and onions you can also but tomatos cut up in ther whit it

  • cm wilson

    Mom loved this – would use a mixture of cold cuts – added some pimento loaf sometimes

  • The Oma Way

    Petra, Wurst Salat und Fleischsalat sind zwei verschiedene Gerichte. Der Wurstsalat wird mit Essig, Öl, Zwiebeln gemacht und der Fleischsalat ohne Zwiebeln und mit Mayonnaise.