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First Day of Elementary School

The First Day of School

First Day of Elementary School – always picture perfect.

In my day, the beginning of the school year started in spring and not after the summer break. The Einschulung, as we say in Germany is a very festive event and celebrated with traditions.

My godmother gave the new backpack called Ranzen to me, and my mother made sure that the traditional school cone was finished and filled with chocolate and goodies. 

Dressed in my best cloth I was prepared to attend the ceremony at the school. After the introduction to my new teacher, we walked to our classroom to receive our schedule followed by taking a group picture. We proudly held our school pretzels for the girls decorated with pink ribbons and for the boys with blue ribbons. (See picture above).

The beginning of the celebration ended at home sharing the pretzel with family and friends. 

Einschulung in the fifties and sixties in Germany.

  Starting School

I was very proud on my first day and felt very special. I thought every school year would begin this way. But to my surprise, the following year, there was no pretzel and no school cone. I realized that this was a one-time event. No wonder that Einschulung day is still so vivid in my mind.

Safety First

Most of the children in Germany are still walking to school. The children wear a bright yellow/orange cap to protect them in traffic and to make them easier seen by passing drivers.


I wish every newcomer to school life a great start and hope their first day is as exciting as mine was.

Yours, Oma

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School Pretzel

School Pretzel

School cone

School Cone filled with goodies

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