Christmas Wish List Two

Christmas Wish List Two – Games for Children

Christmas Wish List Two

The Christmas Wish List Two includes classic board games, balancing games, and card games starting age three and older. While some games can be found in Germany, others can be found in the States. Some of them are traveling games, and all are linked to the places to purchase. To see toys for children up to 8 years on the Christmas Wish List click here, or add one of the books in English or German or English/German from the listing of the Best Classic Children’s Books.

Familienspiele – Family Games, Malefiz – Barricade, Monopoly

Family Board Games

The Familienspiele – Family Games are a collection of traditional board games. Malefiz is a strategy board game known in America as the barricade. Monopoly was first published by Parker Brothers in 1935.

Mensch Ärgere Dich Nicht – Sorry, Tiroler Roulette, Four in a Row – Vierer Raus

Mensch Ärgere Dich Nicht, Tiroler Roulette, and Four in a Row on the Christmas Wish List Two

Mensch Aergere Dich Nicht is by the rules similar to the Indian game Pachisi, American Parcheesi, Trouble or Ludo. The Tiroler Roulette comes with a wooden circular wooden surface, spinning top, and 6 wooden balls. Four in a Row is also called Four Connect and known as Vierer Raus in Germany.

4 Ersten Spiele, Angelspiel – Fishing Game, Rondo Vario

Rondo Vario

4 Ersten Spiele – Four First Games are a collection of board games for small children. The Angelspiel – a Fishing game is a game for fishing with magnets attached to a short rod. Rondo Vario is a color and shape matching game.

Snails Pace Race – Tempo kleine Schnecke, Aepfelchen, Obstgarten – Orchard

Snails Race

The Snails Race Game is known as Tempo kleine Schnecke in Germany. Aepfelchen supports understanding of rules and learning to count. The Obstgarten is known as Orchard in the States.

Spitz pass Auf, Guess Who, Mix Max

Spitz pass auf, guess Who, and Mix Max on the Christmas Wish List Two

Spitz pass Auf belongs to one of the German classical games. Guess Who is under the same name known in Germany. Mix Max is a dice game.

Blinde Kuh – No Peeking, Junior Labyrinth, Pinguin Pile Up Game

Pinguin Pile Up Game

Blinde Kuh is Known as No Peeking in the States. The Junior Labyrinth is also available in a Grown-Up Version. The Penguin Pile Up Game is a balance game.

Goki Jumping Dwarfs, Balancing Clown, Bill Ding

Bill Ding Game

The Jumping Dwarfs and Balancing Clown are games for smaller children. The Bill Ding Game is one of the classic balancing games.

 Kniffel Kids, Schiffe versenken – Battleship, Uno

Kniffel, Battleship, and Uno on the Christmas Wish List Two

Kniffel is a dice game. Battleship is known in Germany as Schiffe versenken, a challenge to guess where the ships of the second player are located. Uno is a card game.

Pallina Game, Flohspiel, Packesel – The Last Straw Camel Game

Packesel Game

Pallina is a balance game. The Flohspiel was and still is very popular. The Packesel is known as “The Last Straw Camel Game” in the States and available at eBay.

Deutschlandreise, Europareise, Weltreise


Deutschlandreise (Germany Trip) is a board game which was first published in 1962. Since then the versions have changed. Europareise (Europe Trip) and Weltreise (World Trip) are also available.

I know you will find the right game for your child, grandchild, niece or nephew on the Christmas Wish List Two.

Yours, Oma