Christmas Wish List

Christmas Wish List – Gift Ideas for Children

Christmas Wish List

The Christmas Wish List gives some ideas of toys for small boys and girls until the age of eight years. Some of the gifts are lower in price than others. They are available online in Germany and the States. The toys are linked out so that you can find the places to order. In some cases ordering from Germany including shipping costs could be cheaper than buying the items in the States.

Kids Wooden Toy Shop, Puppet Theater, Top Desk and Chair

Grocery shop, Puppet theater

The Kids Wooden Toy Shop needs to be assembled and can be stained or painted. You can order it in Germany or the States. The same applies to the Puppet Theater, but it is only available in Germany. I decorated the theater with wooden letters I painted, sewed the curtains and attached wooden ornamental molding colored in gold. Find the matching hand puppets here. The Top Desk and Chair can be ordered in different wood colors, does not take up a lot of space, and creates a private working area for the young student.

Building Blogs, Lincoln Logs, Eichhorn Constructor, Marble Run

Building Blocks

Children love to build. A large selection of different building blocks is available. The natural wooden blocks or colored, the blocks with patterns on it or the advanced Lincoln Logs are more for the younger children. The Eichhorn Constructor blocks challenge the older children, and the Marble Run is fun for all.

Schleich Barn and Animals, Noah’s Ark

Schleich Barn and Noah's ark on the Christmas Wish List

The Schleich Wooden Farm Barn is an excellent present for children which love animals. Many accessories are available and a large selection of farm animals, a toy that leaves room to grow. Noah’s Ark is natural wood including wooden animals.

Tea Set in a Case, Tea Set Hummel Porcelain, Picknick Set

Tea Set and Picknick Set

The Polka Dot Tin Tea Set stored in a small suitcase has a serving tray. Reutter makes the porcelain Hummel Tea Set in the middle picture. The Basket Tea Set is dishwasher safe and is decorated with little ladybugs.

Music Center, Drum Set, Music Maker (Harp)

Musik instruments on the Christmas Wish List

My grandchildren just love this Kinder Music Center. It includes a variety of small instruments. The Drum Set in the middle picture is a nice addition. The Music Maker is a table harp and comes with song sheets.

Little Tikes Princess Coupe, Little Tikes Cozy Truck, Early Rider Balance Bike

Ride On and Balance Bike

The Little Tikes Ride Ons come in a large variety. The Princess Coupe for girls can be accompanied with a Coupe Trailer and the Cozy Truck with a gas pumper. The Early Rider Balance Bikes are without pedals and come in different sizes. They can be ordered in Wood in Germany and in Aluminium in the States.

Radio Flyer Tricycle, Kettler Tricycle with Push Handle, John Deere Sit N Scoot Tractor

Tricycle and Tractor

Besides of the Classic Tricycle produced by Radio Flyer they offer a large selection of “Vehicles” made for children and used with children. For toddlers, a Tricycle with a Push Handle is available, and, of course, the little Sit On Tractor of John Deere cannot be missing in the collection.

John Deere Pull Wagon, Rolly Toys CAT Construction Pedal Tractor, Rolly Toys Water Tanker for Tractor

Pull Wagon and Tractor for the Christmas Wish List

The John Deere Wagon is available in the original colors green and yellow as well as in pink. The Water Tank complements the Rolly Toys Construction Pedal Tractor.

Doll Stroller Deluxe, Doll Stroller Basket, Doll Stroller Wood

Doll Strollers

I ordered these three strollers one year after another from Germany. The Polka Dot Deluxe Stroller is for older girls, the Wicker Stroller for toddlers, and the Wooden Stroller is as well a support for the beginners of walking. You can find equivalent strollers in the States, just not in these colors.

Doll House, Doll Bed, Vintage Basket Stroller

Doll House, Doll Bed, and Vintage Stroller

The Wooden Doll House is the first one I gave to my oldest granddaughter when she was two years old. She turned six this year and still is playing with it. Find here some more accessories. I ordered this beautiful Doll Bed in Germany, but you also can find some here. The Nostalgic Doll Stroller is one of my favorites and reminds me so much of my childhood.

Thomas the Tank Engine

Thomas the Tank Engine

I added each year some more pieces to the Thomas the Tank Engine playset. I covered an old table with sheets of spring grass used in model train sets and set up the tracks. The first thing my grandsons did after arriving at my house and after the welcome kiss, they went to Thomas in the basement, and I would not see them for the next few hours.

Wooden Fort Kit, Handmade Dolls, Easel with a Chalkboard and Dry and Erase Board

Wooden Fort Kit and Chalkboard

The Wooden Fort Kit is also one of the toys to add on more pieces. It needs assembly. I added the Handmade Dolls, and the Fort is set up on the countertop of a sideboard. The first time, my oldest grandson saw it, he said only two words while pausing in between “OMA……. MAGIC.” The Chalkboard has two sides, one for the use of chalk and the other for dry and erase. The easel also has some clips to hold paper.

You can add to the Christmas Wish List 1 ideas from the Christmas Wish List 2 or a book or two from the Best Classic Children’s Books available in English, German and English/German click here.

I hope this Christmas Wish List will make it a bit easier for you to pick the right gift for your children or grandchildren, nieces and nephews. Wish you successful shopping, and I am sure, you will choose the right present.

Yours, Oma