Italian Plums Recipes

Italian plums recipes are prized throughout Germany, and I have several ways to use them in baking and other dishes. With my step-by-step preparations, including pictures, you can learn how to create these wonderful recipes in your own kitchen.

Italian plum recipes to make

When to harvest the Italian Plums

Italian plums, also known as the European-style plums, are ripe for harvest by the end of August/beginning of September. They are only available for a short period of time and not in all regions. This somewhat rare fruit in the United States plays a big role in the German kitchen. You can make juice, jam, and a wide variety of cakes with all different kinds of dough or batter. Plum-filled dumplings can be made with flour and potatoes, or flour and yeast.

This little purple fruit with a bit of a sour taste also has a lot of versatility—including its used in Slivovitz—a famous schnapps! The plum, or Pflaume in Germany, also goes by many other names. It can be called Zwetschen, Zwetschge, or Quetsche, depending on the particular region of the country.

Recipes prepared with the Italian Plums

German Plum Cake on a Sheet

authentic German Italian plum cake recipe

Italian Plum Cake in a spring Form

Italian plum cake recipe

Plum Dumplings made with Potatoes


Bohemian Plum Dumplings