Semolina Pudding - Grießbrei

Semolina Pudding Grießbrei

Semolina Pudding – Grießbrei The Semolina Pudding helped me to feed my two daughters when they were toddlers. Both of them not good eaters; I added Nesquick to the Grießbrei to change it to a chocolate pudding. Chocolate always worked. I served the Grießbrei to them while adding seasonal fruit from the garden, cooked and […]

German Rice Pudding Milchreis

German Rice Pudding – Milchreis

German Rice Pudding – Milchreis, Reisbrei To prepare the German Rice Pudding, I use Sushi Rice, which is very close to the Arborio Rice also sometimes used. Ingredients for the German Rice Pudding: 1000 ml (1.05 qt) of whole milk 250 g (8.81 oz) of Sushi Rice 3 tablespoons of sugar 1 pouch of vanilla […]

St Martins Day Lanterns

St. Martin’s Day celebrated in Germany with lanterns. Sun, Moon, and Stars.

St Martins Day Lanterns St Martins Day Lanterns are the highlight of Martin’s day in Germany. You can find the most beautiful lanterns displayed in store windows and available for sale inside. For this special German holiday, children also create St. Martin’s Day lanterns in kindergarten and grade school. They make them at home—and with […]

Bread Man Recipe St Martin's Day

Bread Man Recipe

Bread Man Recipe – Stutenkerle Bread Man Recipe is used to bake Martin’s Men for the celebrations of St. Martin’s Day. In Germany they are called Weckmaenner or Stutenkerle. Ingredients for Bread Man Recipe: 500 g (1.1 lb) of flour, all-purpose  1 pouch of dry yeast, rapid rise 2 tablespoons of sugar 1 pinch of […]

German Children's Songs

German Children’s Songs

German Children’s Songs –  Traditional Kinderlieder German Children’s Songs are an essential part in growing up in Germany. The first songs are lullabies for the babies, followed by the play-along songs in preschool and kindergarten and continued by the sing-along songs at a later age. Many of the German Children’s Songs are Folk songs which […]

Traditional German Christmas Carols

Traditional German Christmas Carols

Traditional German Christmas Carols for all Ages These 24 Traditional German Christmas Carols include the most famous and loved songs for the Christmas Season. Some melodies are the favorites of children waiting for the Nikolaus, and others are more church songs for the grown-ups. Of course, the worldwide known Silent Night, Holy Night and O […]

Christmas Wish List Two

Christmas Wish List Two – Games for Children

Christmas Wish List Two The Christmas Wish List Two includes classic board games, balancing games, and card games starting age three and older. While some games can be found in Germany, others can be found in the States. Some of them are traveling games, and all are linked to the places to purchase. To see toys […]

Christmas Wish List

Christmas Wish List – Gift Ideas for Children

Christmas Wish List The Christmas Wish List gives some ideas of toys for small boys and girls until the age of eight years. Some of the gifts are lower in price than others. They are available online in Germany and the States. The toys are linked out so that you can find the places to […]

German Schokokuss Sweets

German Schokokuss Sweets

German Schokokuss Sweets The German Schokokuss Sweets are made with beaten egg whites and sugar syrup, covered with dark chocolate. The Schokokuss is also known as Schaumkuss or Topkuss in Germany. Ingredients for German Schokokuss Sweets: 100 g (3.52 oz) of pasteurized egg whites (available at grocery stores) 200 g (7.05 oz) of sugar 1 […]