Traditional German Side Dishes

Who does not know the famous Traditional German Side Dishes? On the one hand, there are potatoes, Dumplings, Spaetzle, pasta, and rice. On the other hand, there are basic recipes for vegetables and Salads to complete a meal.

Traditional German Side Dishes

Some of the side dishes served warm others served cold. In any case, picking the right side dish to your meal makes it perfect. Oma provides recipes for the traditional German side dishes as well as how to combine them for a great dinner. Some of her favorite combined meals are Beef Roast with Yeast Dumplings and Goulash with Homemade Spaetzle. Adding some of her favorite vegetable sides dishes like Red Cabbage or Boston Lettuce or one of her salads just delicious.

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German Coleslaw Recipe

German Coleslaw Recipe — Krautsalat

German Coleslaw Recipe The German Coleslaw Recipe is easy to prepare. The color of the cabbage depends on the time of the year. Coleslaw is a favorite for outdoors parties or a barbecue in the backyard. Coleslaw is called Krautsalat in Germany. Ingredients for German Coleslaw Recipe:  600 g (1.32 lb) of white cabbage washed […]

Mashed Potatoes Recipe

Mashed Potatoes Recipe – an old fashioned traditional side dish.

Mashed Potatoes Recipe This Mashed Potatoes Recipe is an old fashioned side dish. The Mashed Potatoes are called Kartoffelbrei in Germany. Ingredients for Mashed Potatoes Recipe: 1 kg (2.2 lb.) of potatoes 1 teaspoon of salt nutmeg (optional) 50-75 g (1 ½ tablespoon) of butter ⅛ liter (½ cup) of milk The amount of milk and […]

17 salad recipes

17 sensational Salad Recipes to accompany a season of grilling.

Salad Recipes No barbecue season is complete without the right salad recipes to create a colorful table. Salads are a great side dish to accompany your favorite seasoned steaks, marinated chicken, and summer sausages. Even vegetarians can join the fun with grilled fish, tofu, and vegetables. So, let’s barbecue! Whether you are a traditional-charcoal master […]

Classic German Potato Dumplings

Classic German Potato Dumplings made with boiled Potatoes

Classic German Potato Dumplings Classic German Potato Dumplings are called gekochte Kartoffelknödel or Gekochte Kartoffelklöβe. Ingredients for Classic German Potato Dumplings: 1500 g (3.3 pounds) of potatoes 100 g (3.52 oz) of all purpose flour 150 g (5.29 oz) of potato starch 3 eggs XL 1 teaspoon of salt ½ teaspoon of ground nutmeg (optional) […]

German potato dumplings

German Potato Dumplings Half and Half Recipe

German Potato Dumplings German Potato Dumplings Half and Half are called Kartoffelknödel halb und halb or Kartoffelklöβe halb und halb. The dumpling dough is made with half boiled potatoes, and half raw grounded potatoes. Ingredients for German Potato Dumplings: 750 g (1.65 lb.) of boiled potatoes 750 g (1.65 lb.) of grated potatoes 2 eggs size […]

German Bread Dumplings Recipe

German Bread Dumplings Recipe — German Semmelknoedel

German Bread Dumplings Recipe This German Bread Dumplings Recipe is prepared with old white bread or rolls, milk, butter and flour. Bread Dumplings are called Semmelknödel or Weckknödel or Weckklöβe in Germany.   Ingredients for German Bread Dumplings Recipe: 8 Kaiser rolls, 2 days old  (combined, my rolls weighed about 700 g – 1.54 lb.) 1 […]

Red Beet Salad Recipe

Red Beet Salad Recipe

Red Beet Salad Recipe Red Beet Salad Recipe with step by step instruction. The Red Beet Salad is called Rote Bete Salat in Germany. Ingredients for Red Beet Salad Recipe: 900 g (2 lb.) of fresh beets 120g – 150 g (4.32 oz–5.29 oz) of chopped onions 8 tablespoons of white wine vinegar 2 tablespoons […]

Homemade Horseradish Sauce Recipe

Horseradish Sauce Recipe Horseradish Sauce is called Meerrettichsoβe in Germany. This sauce is one of the basic recipes thought in German cooking. It can be served with meat or with fish. Ingredients for Horseradish Sauce: 4 tablespoons of flour 50 g (1.8 oz) of butter 600 ml (20.3 oz) of water 1 ½ tablespoons of horseradish […]

German Savoy Cabbage

German Savoy Cabbage – Wirsing

German Savoy Cabbage German Savoy Cabbage is called Wirsing or Wirsing Gemuese in Germany. It is an excellent side dish for many German meals and goes very well with Oma’s Beef Brisket.  Ingredients for German Savoy Cabbage: 1 kg ( 2.2 lbs) of washed and cleaned savoy cabbage 1 tablespoon of vegetable shortening 2 tablespoons of […]

Classic Potato Pancakes

Classic Potato Pancakes — Potato Fritters

Classic Potato Pancakes Classic Potato Pancakes are called Kartoffelpfannkuchen, Kartoffelpuffer or Reibekuchen in Germany. Ingredients for Classic Potato Pancakes: 2 kg (4.4 lb.) of potatoes 2 medium sized onions 1 leveled teaspoon of salt 3 eggs XL 80 g–100 g (2.8 oz–3.4 oz) of all-purpose flour (actual amount depends on size of eggs) sunflower oil […]